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Don’t worry about drinking water anymore. We will show you best
solutions based on Dabin Watec’s technology.

Reliable drinking water!

It’s time to try our special technology

Our company has been manufacturing large capacity water purifiers for group feeding premises for 18years and has introduced new products by innovating problems of large capacity water purifiers in new methods. And we are now producing mass production of the third generation sterilization water purifiers created by the preparation periods of three years and efforts of many members of research team.

More than anything else, it is a product developed in consideration of sanitation of young students and problems of germs and virus are completely solved and is also a water purifier to drink in a method without cups for making sanitary drinking water.

Our company plans to supply no germs steam sterilization water purifiers in the future to related institutions, large size factories, schools, and feeding facilities for the first time in Korea based on our technical power that has produced large washing machine for business, supersonic waves washing machine, food washing machine, large capacity cold and hot water purifier, and other food processing machine. In addition, we plan to supply clean, convenient, and tasty drinking water to public use facilities with the goals of complete quality control, rapid ex post facto process, and systematic research and development through industry and academy cooperation composed of related masters and doctors by opening a research center within industry/academy cooperation complex of Daejin University.