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CEO Greeting The future Dabin Watec

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The world’s Top Water Purifier Company providing clean and health life

365 Days Clean Drinkable Water without Worries about Bacteria

DabinWatec promises healthy and clean water
365 days germ free.

In the modern society concerning for healthy and clean water more and more, the use and supply of water purifier
is not an option but must have item. Moreover, hygiene and cleanliness is also positioning the most important
point to select a water purifier.

DabinWatec is one of the Korean representative companies and a specialized company in mass water purifier
industry to strive for the best quality and service with a belief and sense of duty to make health and clean water
without worries about bacteria over last 20 years. Sparing no
effort in making water that customers can always trustand drink, DabinWatec
released the third generation sterilization water purifier, steam sterilization
water purifier withthe research by our best engineers and an unstinting
investment. Solving the hygiene and cleanliness issues of the water purifier
at once, “steam sterilization water purifier” kept to No. 1 rank in water purifier
sales of governmentprocurement for 6 years consecutively from 2008 to 2013
and the true value of our product was recognized. In addition, as the first in
the water purifier industry, we acquired TR and S mark at the same time by
Korea Testing& Research Institute in 2010, and acquired Performance
Certification by The Small and Medium Business Administration(SMEA) which
were enough to verify our excellence and technology.

DabinWatec leading the supply of healthy and clean water based on
outstanding technology will introduce the best products that customers can
purchase with trust.