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324mm(W) x 430mm(L) x 1,200mm(H)

Electricity capacity

220V or 110V / 60HZ, 50HZ / 600W

Tank capacity

10 liters
-Hot water tanks : 3 liters, stainless
-Cold water tanks : 7 liters, stainless

Water purification capacity

capacity: 4 ~ 7 liters/min (filter:UF)

Purification method

4 stage
-Sediment filter, Pre-carbon filter, UF filter, Post-carbon filter

Water faucet

One for cold water & One for hot water

High temperature Steam sterilization


Public facilities


1. Front panel LED light body.
2. Loss of water and water supply cut off switch.
3. Manageable design.
4. Easy to replace the filter

Application technology

1. Steam sterilization system
- eco-friendly natural steam sterilization system by blocking the bacteria and viruses in sterile water supply and safe sanitation.
2. Water purification system
- effective water treatment technology completely eliminates harmful ingredients to improve the water taste.
3. Hot water backflow prevention system
- to prevent overheating of the heater unnecessary energy savings and helps prevent fires.
4. Stainless steel
- Stainless steel material is durable and hygienic.

Sterile cup, Dryer
Cups and other containers, household goods space for the sterilization of the safety and convenience will be adopted.

Drinks and other beverages are available for easy storage space.

Cups(paper), coffee, tea, etc, By storing easy to manage and comfortable surroundings.

Manageable design
Easy to open and close the upper and lower front Purifier Repair and A/S is available.

LED lighting of the front panel and you can see the status of the water purifier

● Hot water

● Cold Water

● Steam sterilization